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    Fast Cars and Big Fun: LEGOLAND Florida’s New Ferrari Build & Race Attraction!

    Attention all LEGO and car enthusiasts! There’s a new attraction at LEGOLAND Florida that you won’t want to miss! The park recently opened their highly anticipated Ferrari Build & Race attraction, and it’s sure to be a hit with both kids and adults alike.

    Located in the Funtown area of the park, the Ferrari Build & Race attraction features a life-sized replica of the Ferrari 296 GTS, made entirely out of LEGO bricks. With its iconic red color and detailed design, this model is a sight to behold. But the fun doesn’t stop at just admiring the car from afar – visitors can actually step inside and explore its intricate interior. And for an added touch of realism, the doors even open!

    But the real excitement begins when guests are invited to build and race their very own LEGO Ferrari cars. The experience starts with a visit from the pit crew, donning LEGO brick suits, as they share some interesting facts about the history and production of Ferrari cars. Did you know that Ferrari was founded in 1947 in Italy? And since then, they have produced thousands of cars for fans all over the world.

    After the brief introduction, it’s time to put your creative skills to the test. Guests are given a set of LEGO bricks and instructed to build their own version of a Ferrari car. With wheels, engines, and steering wheels at their disposal, they can let their imagination run wild. And once their masterpiece is complete, it’s time to take it for a spin!

    But this isn’t your typical amusement park ride. At the Ferrari Build & Race attraction, guests can choose from different tracks to race their cars on, from small ramps for Duplo cars to larger ramps for standard-sized LEGO cars. For added excitement, there’s even a jump ramp that will send your car soaring through the air. And don’t worry, if your car doesn’t make it all the way, there are replay screens that capture the action from a bird’s-eye view.

    But the fun doesn’t end there. After seeing your car physically race down the track, visitors can also upload their creations into the digital realm. With a designated area for digital racing, guests can watch their car navigate a replica of the legendary Italian racetrack that Ferrari uses for testing their F1 and luxury sports cars. And with the ability to control the speed and lane changes, the digital racing experience is just as thrilling as the physical one.

    NEW Ferrari Build  Race Opens At LEGOLAND Florida Life Sized Car Made Of LEGO

    But that’s not all LEGOLAND has to offer. While you’re in Funtown, be sure to check out their other new additions – including a 4D show in the Funtown Theater called “Lego Dreamzzz.” And for those who love aquatic creatures, be on the lookout for the new Sea Life Aquarium coming in fall 2024, which will be included with admission to LEGOLAND.

    But back to racing. The Ferrari Build & Race attraction is suitable for all ages, making it a perfect family-friendly activity. With Duplo tracks and cars available for younger children, no one is left out of the fun. And for parents who may not be as skilled in LEGO building as their kids, there are examples of cars to give you some inspiration. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for some friendly competition – who will have the fastest car?

    Overall, the Ferrari Build & Race attraction at LEGOLAND Florida is a must-visit for anyone who loves LEGO and fast cars. With the opportunity to build, race, and digitally race your own Ferrari, it’s a unique and exciting experience that can’t be missed. So don’t wait – head to LEGOLAND Florida and start building your own LEGO Ferrari today!

    Have you ever visited the Ferrari Build & Race attraction at LEGOLAND Florida? Share your experience!

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    LEGO Ferrari Build and Race now open at LEGOLAND Florida

    Meta-description: Experience the thrill of designing and racing your own LEGO Ferrari car at LEGOLAND Florida Resort's latest attraction, LEGO Ferrari Build and Race. Unleash your creativity and put your skills to the test in cutting-edge digital racing scenarios!

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