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    12 Tips to Master Your LEGOLAND Florida Trip

    If you’ve got LEGO-obsessed kids (or maybe a secret inner child that just loves those bricks), LEGOLAND Florida is a dream come true. Imagine rides based on your favorite LEGO characters, enormous brick creations everywhere you look, and that sense of limitless imagination driving the entire experience.

    But venturing into LEGOLAND without a game plan? That’s a bit like building a giant tower without a base plate – things can get chaotic. Let’s make sure your trip is an awesome adventure you’ll remember for years to come. Here are 12 essential tips to transform you into a LEGOLAND pro:

    1. Conquer the Crowds: Timing is Everything

    Think of crowds like those mischievous LEGO villains – they always pop up when you least want them. To outsmart them, visit during the weekdays or, even better, the off-season. Weekends and summer holidays are when the park turns into a bustling brick metropolis. But have no fear – you can still plan an incredible trip during peak seasons, we’ll cover strategies for that later.

    2. Plan Your Attack: Chart Your Course

    Ever build a LEGO set without the directions? It’s possible, but frustrating. Before you go, get the lay of the land by downloading the LEGOLAND Florida app. Scope out the must-ride attractions and map out a loose plan of attack for the day. This app is your trusty sidekick, giving you ride wait times and show schedules so you can maximize your time.

    3. Pack Like a Pro: Fuel the Fun

    LEGOLAND lets you bring in your own food and drinks (just leave the jumbo coolers at home!). Bringing snacks saves you serious cash and helps those hangry meltdowns stay at bay. Pack plenty of water too – Florida sunshine means you’ll need to stay hydrated, young and old.

    4. Gear Up: From Suits to Shades

    Florida weather can be fickle, much like picking the perfect LEGO piece from that giant bin. One minute it’s all sunshine, then BAM! – an afternoon downpour. Pack those ponchos or light rain jackets just in case. A change of clothes for the little ones wouldn’t hurt either. And don’t forget the essentials: sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are your defense squad against those strong Florida rays.

    5. Reserve Your Spot: The Early Bird Gets the Brick

    Want to beat the rush and grab prime seating for those awesome shows? Make show reservations! The Legoland app lets you snag your spot early so you can focus on fun, not fighting for a view. It’s like being first in line to buy a new LEGO set!

    6. Become a Water Park Wizard

    If you’re planning on splashing around in the LEGOLAND Water Park, get ready to have a blast! It’s a tad smaller than your usual water parks and geared towards a younger crowd, but the LEGO theming makes it special. Bring your swimsuits, towels, and a waterproof bag for your valuables – trust me, no one enjoys a soggy phone.

    7. Capture the Memories: Phone vs. Camera

    This one’s a tough call. Your phone’s great for those quick, candid shots. But if you want those truly amazing photos to print and hang later, consider bringing a dedicated camera. LEGOLAND is so visually awesome that a real camera lets you capture all the amazing little details.

    8. Embrace the Inner Child: Playtime Matters

    LEGOLAND Florida - LEGO Ferrari “Build and Race” experience
    Credit: LEGOLAND Florida

    Sure, the rides are the star of the show, but don’t forget to take play breaks! LEGO building stations are sprinkled around the park, perfect for little hands to create and imagine. Let your kids guide you in their own brick-building adventure – even you might learn a new trick or two!

    9. Master the Wait Times: Patience is Key

    Even with the best planning, lines happen. Think of those wait times as an opportunity! Play “I Spy” with LEGO-themed objects, use a wait-time app to compare lines in different areas, have a snack break, or, my personal favorite, people-watch. Sometimes, the most entertaining part of a theme park is your fellow visitors.

    10. Let Loose: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

    Things won’t always go according to plan. Rides might break down, kids might get tired, and there’s always a rogue brick on the ground ready to attack your feet! Accept that unexpected twists are part of the adventure, like mixing those weird-colored LEGO pieces into your building project. Embrace the chaos and keep focused on the big picture – you’re at LEGOLAND having fun!

    11. Budget Wisely: Stretch those LEGO Dollars

    Hey Parents! Kids Go Free to LEGOLAND 2023

    Theme parks can put a dent in your wallet faster than dropping a LEGO creation. Do your research on ticket deals and hotel-park packages beforehand. Sometimes you can grab some fantastic bargains (especially during the off-season!). If you have little builders at home, check out if LEGOLAND is offering any “Kids Go Free” promotions – that can be a huge money saver.

    12. Stay and Play: Consider On-Site Hotels

    Staying at a LEGOLAND hotel kicks the awesome factor up a notch. Not only are they super-themed, but they also offer early park access, giving you first dibs on popular rides before the rest of the crowd descends. Picture rolling out of bed and hopping on your favorite ride as the park opens – now that’s a sweet way to start your day!

    Calling all LEGO lovers! Ready to take your LEGOLAND experience to the next level? Book now, and not only will you secure your stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel, but you’ll also unlock the ultimate early admission into the park! Don’t wait, embrace the magic and start building unforgettable memories today. Hurry, limited availability – reserve your spot now!

    Ready to Build an Awesome LEGO Adventure?

    There you have it – your essential guide to navigating LEGOLAND Florida! Armed with these tips, you’re ready to embark on an epic brick-themed adventure, making memories that will last a lifetime! So, what are you waiting for? Start planning, start building, and get ready for the pure joy of playing at LEGOLAND.

    Are you planning a trip to LEGOLAND Florida? Please let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to buy your tickets before you arrive!

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