Pirates’ Cove

LEGOLAND Florida Pirate’s Cove

Pirates’ Cove is home to LEGOLAND Florida’s very own water ski and stunt show, Brickbeard’s Watersport Stunt Show.

Ahoy! At LEGOLAND Florida Resort, see Brickbeard’s buccaneer recruits pass daring skill tests on the high seas! Are there any pirates in it? Yes. Is there a difference in speed? Yes, twice. Is there a difference in the height of the jumps? Yes, absolutely. Oh, and did we mention a brand-new, super-cool flyboard (essentially a skateboard that soars ABOVE the water)?! That is DEFINITELY something we have.

LEGOLAND Florida Pirate's Cove Ski Show

This spectacular water stunt performance includes a brand-new female LEGO pirate character, brand-new original music, and gravity-defying water stunts like wakeboarding, barefoot skiing, jump acts, and an iconic ski pyramid. This spectacle soars to heroic heights above the iconic Lake Eloise thanks to a brand-new flyboard act.

LEGOLAND Florida Pirate's Cove Ski Show

Brickbeard’s Watersport Stunt Show

Pirates’ Cove has been taken over by swashbuckling pirates along the shores of Lake Eloise at LEGOLAND Florida’s very own live-action, water-stunt show.

LEGOLAND Florida Ski Show

Meet Arrrgh New LEGO Pirate

LEGOLAND Florida Pirate's Cove Ski Show

Named by LEGOLAND Florida’s social media fans and co-developed with LEGO masterminds, the cunning and fierce female pirate, “Calico Jade”, joins fan-favorite Captain Brickbeard after he recruited her to his crew. She oversees all the new Pirate Athlete training recruits and either whips them into shape or makes them walk the plank. Legend even has it, that Calico Jade once defeated the largest Sea Creature ever seen all by herself.