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    LEGO Ferrari Build and Race now open at LEGOLAND Florida

    Today in Winter Haven, Florida, LEGOLAND Florida Resort kicked off the spring break travel season by unveiling its latest attraction, LEGO Ferrari Build and Race. This interactive experience allows guests to take on the role of a car designer, crafting their own race cars entirely using LEGO bricks. Once the cars are built, guests can put them to the test with cutting-edge digital technology and thrilling real-life racing scenarios.

    Rex Jackson, Managing Director of LEGOLAND Parks, North America, expressed his excitement about the new attraction, stating, “LEGO Ferrari Build and Race is a one-of-a-kind experience at LEGOLAND Florida Resort, showcasing the worldwide fascination with Ferrari and F1 racing. It challenges visitors to unleash their creativity, build their dream LEGO Ferrari car, and race towards victory.”

    At the heart of the attraction stands the breathtaking life-size LEGO Ferrari 296 GTS model, meticulously constructed with over 424,000 LEGO elements over 1,850 hours. A dedicated LEGOLAND “pit crew,” comprising a designer, six Master Model Builders, and three animators, spared no effort in ensuring that every detail of the model mirrored that of a real Ferrari 296 GTS. Measuring 15 feet in length, 7 1/2 feet in width, and 4 feet in height, this two-ton masterpiece features functioning headlights, an accessible driver’s side door, and a powerful engine, serving as the focal point of the attraction’s captivating “garage,” enticing guests to immerse themselves in the world of F1 racing.

    A Ferrari representative expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Merlin Entertainments, emphasizing the initiative to engage Ferrari enthusiasts of all generations. Following the triumph of previous LEGO Ferrari Build and Race installations at LEGOLAND California Resort, LEGOLAND? Billund in Denmark, and LEGOLAND Windsor in the UK, the spokesperson revealed the joy of extending the attraction’s reach to LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

    LEGO Ferrari Build and Race now open at LEGOLAND Florida
    Credit: LEGOLAND Florida

    Upon admiring the remarkable model, young aspiring racers, accompanied by their parents, can unleash their creativity at three distinct build and test zones. Here, they have the opportunity to construct their own LEGO Ferrari cars and put them through the paces on race tracks, jump courses, and engine test circuits. Each area presents varying challenges, obstacles, and the thrill of setting the fastest lap times.

    LEGO Ferrari Build and Race now open at LEGOLAND Florida
    Credit: LEGOLAND Florida

    Upon fine-tuning their vehicles, guests engage with digital technology to scan their cars and engage in virtual racing on the track. This interactive experience allows for full customization, enabling guests to digitally adjust various aspects of their LEGO car, such as engine size, tire specifications, power, and aerodynamics, as well as adding personalized touches like license plates and colorful stickers.

    Participants are allotted three laps to achieve their fastest time, utilizing touchpads to provide their car with extra acceleration and the ability to switch lanes. A spirit of camaraderie is fostered as all guests are invited to partake in the excitement, rooting for each race participant while keeping track of the real-time updated leaderboards.

    LEGO Ferrari Build and Race now open at LEGOLAND Florida
    Credit: LEGOLAND Florida

    At LEGOLAND Florida Resort, even the youngest drivers can partake in pint-sized enjoyment by crafting their own designs in the LEGO DUPLO build zone, which features larger bricks tailored for smaller hands.

    Jackson expressed, “This attraction further solidifies our enduring partnership with Ferrari. LEGO Ferrari Build and Race has swiftly captivated guests at LEGOLAND California Resort, and now our East Coast visitors can indulge in the joy of designing and racing LEGO cars repeatedly.”

    LEGO Ferrari Build and Race now open at LEGOLAND Florida
    Credit: LEGOLAND Florida

    The grand opening festivities are set to continue at LEGOLAND Florida Resort throughout the weekend, with the park offering commemorative checkered flags to the initial 5,000 visitors at the attraction. Additionally, a special new ticket promotion kicks off today, valid until June 14. During this period, a child ticket (ages 2-12) for LEGOLAND Florida Resort is priced at just $29 when purchased alongside at least one full-priced adult ticket in the same transaction.

    Inclusion in the admission fee to LEGOLAND Florida Resort and LEGO Ferrari Build and Race promises an enriching experience for all visitors. For details on ticket prices, annual passes, and further information, be sure to visit for official information.

    Will you be visiting LEGOLAND Florida? If so, we strongly advise purchasing your LEGOLAND tickets in advance to save both money and time!

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