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    Top 5 things to do at LEGOLAND Florida when it rains

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    Considering that LEGOLAND Florida is 95% exposed to the weather and Florida’s rainy season is May through October, there is a good chance that it will rain while visiting LEGOLAND Florida. Lucky for you, a majority of the rainstorms are short and should pass through rather quickly. Afternoon thunderstorms are common during the summer in Central Florida, so plan ahead! Visit outdoor attractions earlier in the day and save the rest for after lunch. Please be aware that LEGOLAND Florida’s safety protocols are required to close certain attractions when lightning is nearby, even if it’s not raining inside the park.

    Here is my list of the top 5 things to do at LEGOLAND Florida when it rains:

    1) Visit the World famous Miniland USA

    New for 2022 LEGOLAND Florida completely covered the entire Miniland USA area giving guests protection from the sun along with keeping guests dry from the rain. Anyone can spend hours looking at all the amazing details that the Master LEGO Builders built.

    LEGOLAND Miniland USA shaded area

    2) Head over to the indoor Imagination Zone

    Head over to the Imagination Zone where it’s a covered area, and you get to build a LEGO car or glider and race it against the competition on a digitally timed track. Here you can spend hours building LEGOs and compete them against other LEGO builders and their creations. There is also the I-Zone Panini walk-up counter service where you can order food, sit and relax at your own individual table. After eating, you can sign up for a LEGO MINDSTORMS building class, where you build and program cutting-edge computerized LEGO MINDSTORMS robots. Then under the same roof head over to the WB Games Zone an interactive area that lets kids play all the latest and greatest LEGO video games using the latest personal technology devices and video kiosks.

    LEGO Mindstorms

    3) Do some LEGO shopping in The BIG Shop

    The third-place I recommend when it rains is The BIG Shop located in The Beginning Area located at the front of the park. This shop is the largest LEGO store on the property and should have something interesting for everyone including the non-shopper. This store is conveniently located across from The Market Restaurant so you can make a quick dash and grab a doughnut and a cup of coffee to wait for the storm to pass.

    The climate of the north and central parts of the US state of Florida is humid subtropical. South Florida has a tropical climate. There is a defined rainy season from May through October, when air mass thundershowers that build in the heat of the day drop heavy but brief summer rainfall.

    LEGOLAND Florida The Big Shop in The Beginning Area

    4) Visit the Official LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

    Fourth on the list is the LEGOLAND Florida Resort which is located at the front of the park. Here you can get a bite to eat at the Skyline Lounge or at the Bricks Family Restaurant. Between the two restaurants is The Castle play area which features an interactive pirate ship and castle that is surrounded by a LEGO-filled moat!

    Florida reports more thunderstorms than any other US state. Some places report in excess of 90 thunderstorm days per year, making Florida one of the most thundery regions outside of the tropics. Florida receives the highest density of lightning strikes within the United States.

    LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

    5) Younger kids are to head to the DUPLO Farm located in the DUPLO Village Area.

    The number five pick of what to do when it rains at LEGOLAND Florida and if you have younger kids is to head to the DUPLO Farm located in the DUPLO Village Area. Here kids can play on indoor slides, barns, and kid-friendly farm equipment. They also have the opportunity to build with real DUPLO blocks, all within an enclosed air-conditioning building. Note that the seating is very limited here so if you arrive and all the benches are taken you might have to take a seat on the green artificial turf until the rain passes.

    DUPLO Schoolhouse

    Visit one of the indoor rides or attractions

    BONUS – There are several indoor rides and attractions such as LEGO NINJAGO The Ride, Lost Kingdom Adventure, and the “4D” movies that play in the Fun Town Theater.

    Here are seven tips to keep in mind when visiting a theme park while it’s raining:

    1) Just because it is raining does not mean the rides are closed.

    While I was recently visiting Universal Studios Orlando, we had a rainstorm and I asked one of the employees about ride closures. They told me that the rides stay open if it is just raining. If there is lightning within five miles of the park, then they will close all the outdoor rides, but indoor rides will remain open.

    2) Bring a poncho or a lightweight rain jacket.

    If there is any chance of rain in the forecast, it is wise to bring a poncho or rain jacket with you to the park. You can store it in a locker until you need it. A poncho or jacket will be easier to wear while still going on rides, as opposed to an umbrella. Bringing one that you already own will also save you from shelling out a lot of money for the ones they sell at the park.

    3) Wear shoes that work well when wet.

    Even if you have a poncho, your feet are likely to get wet anyways as there will be large puddles and pools of water. Sneakers and socks will not feel very good on your feet soaking wet, and flip-flops might be hard to walk in when they are slippery. A sturdy sandal with straps, or even water shoes, is a good choice for staying comfortable and safe.

    4) Wear quick-drying clothes.

    With all the lightweight, quick-drying clothing options available, it is easy to find some attractive and comfortable options that will dry quickly if they get wet. These are great options for the Florida heat in general, as they wick away sweat and help keep you cool when it is not raining. I saw many people walking around with bathing suit tops once it started raining as well. You could even wear your bathing suit under your regular clothes and then change if it starts to rain.

    5) Pack a Ziploc bag to store your phone or camera in.

    This is a good tip for any day at a theme park if it includes water rides where you might get wet. Dealing with a broken phone or camera while on vacation is no fun, so be prepared with a watertight bag you can stash those items away in beforehand. You can also rent lockers to store your items in, but most people prefer to have their phone or camera on them at all times, so they can snap photos or keep in contact with other members of your group without having to run back to the locker all the time.

    6) During a rainstorm is the perfect time to ride the water rides!

    While I was in Islands of Adventure after it started raining, we decided to ride Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls, which is a log flume-style ride. The ride is really fun and has several parts where you are going to get wet—especially with the steep drop at the end! We loved this ride and since we were already a little wet from the rain, we didn’t care that we were totally soaked when we got off of this ride. The next ride we chose was Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges. This raft ride takes you through rapids and down some waterfalls, and there are lots of opportunities to get wet. It was fun to embrace the rain and enjoy these water rides without caring about getting wetter.

    7) Go shopping.

    Every theme park has a multitude of gift shops to choose from, and a rainstorm is a perfect time to explore them. Typically, an afternoon shower does not last very long in Florida, so it can be a welcome break to relax and meander around the gift shops.

    LEGOLAND’s Official Rain Policy


    The LEGOLAND Florida Resort is open rain or shine. Due to Central Florida’s climate, afternoon showers and thunderstorms are possible, especially in the summer. If the weather affects rides for more than 120 minutes during your visit, LEGOLAND promise to give guests a ticket to return in the next 365 days, no questions asked. Please visit the guest services center at the front of the Park on your way out to claim your return ticket. Please note, this does not apply to annual pass holders or youth and education groups. Your new tickets may be subject to blackout dates.

    To help plan your visit, we suggest families visit rides and attractions that can be affected by rain in the morning, and save shopping and indoor rides for later in the day. A full list of rides, including those that are open no matter the weather, can be found below.

    Rain: Whether it is a sprinkle or a shower, we’re sorry the weather affected your day. No matter how heavy it rains, the following attractions are available for you and your family to enjoy:

    • Miniland USA is now covered from the sun and rain.
    • Lost Kingdom Adventure (Indoors)
    • Merlin’s Challenge (Indoors)
    • Imagination Zone (Indoors)
    • DUPLO Farm (Indoors)
    • DUPLO Splash
    • LEGO NINJAGO The Ride (Indoors)
    • Tot Spots
    • Fun Town LEGO 4D Theater (Indoors)
    • LEGO Masters of Flight (Indoors)

    Lightning: Your safety is the number one priority. When lightning is in the area, LEGOLAND adheres to these ride procedures to ensure everyone stays out of harm’s way.

    Lightning within 15 miles – All rides operational other than Boating School and Water Park attractions.

    Lightning within 5 miles or closer – The following attractions are available to enjoy:

    • Lost Kingdom Adventure (Indoors)
    • Merlin’s Challenge (Indoors)
    • Imagination Zone (Indoors)
    • DUPLO Farm (Indoors)
    • LEGO NINJAGO The Ride (Indoors)
    • Tot Spots
    • Fun Town LEGO 4D Theater (Indoors)
    • LEGO Masters of Flight (Indoors)

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