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Pirate Fest Weekends 2023 at LEGOLAND Florida

Captain Redbeard returns from his voyages to find the best of the best in the latest class of pirates. His ultimate mission: to take over the LEGOLAND Theme Park to hide his treasure. Join the pirate invasion fun with meet-and-greets with special LEGO characters, pirate-themed entertainment, LEGO build activities, and more!

The Search for Treasure!

You young pirates want to make some money, don’t you? Gather yer crew and explore exciting areas, such as Pirate’s Landing’s jungle and the underwater Sunken Ship Lagoon, before concluding your adventure at the bustling Hearties’ Harbor. Along your mission, collect at least SIX stamps, ye might locate a rare pirate treasure to claim!

Meet the LEGO Pirate Crew, Arrrgh!

The pesky pirate gang (always on the lookout for gold!) returns to LEGOLAND shores for the ultimate pirate invasion. Fine buccaneer recruits like you will have the chance to interact with Captain Redbeard and his loyal friends. Don’t miss this great chance to capture your special pirate selfie before they battle the big blue sea!

Thar’s Shows on the Horizon

You’d better warm up your legs, matey, for pirate-themed events feature sword-fighting, seven-seas music, dancing, and, yes, TREASURE! You should not set sail until you’ve seen the daring exploits that all pirates must complete before crossing the line in Brickbeard’s Watersports Stunt Show, which has EPIC gravity-defying stunts and more!

Set sail towards uncharted waters.

Set sail on Captain’s orders with an unruly company of LEGO pirates to explore the murky waterways and recover the stolen riches from a troop of mischievous monkeys.

As this all-new adventure unfolds brick by brick into a family-friendly treasure hunt, travel through the unexplored waters of the fabled Cypress Gardens and find the secrets protecting its canals. Adventure awaits you at LEGOLAND on the Pirate River Quest, which opens on January 12, 2023.

More info on official Pirate Fest Weekends.

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