World of Chima

Rides and Attractions

The Quest for CHI
Amidst dramatic landscapes and the magical waters flowing from Mount Cavora, families will embark on an interactive water ride, The Quest for CHI.
Height Requirement Children below 48″ must be accompanied by a responsible rider of this height or taller and must also meet the minimum rider height requirement.

Speedorz Arena
The battle for CHI continues in the Speedorz Arena where players compete to win the precious supply of CHI by racing their Speedorz through a series of obstacles.

Cragger’s Swamp
Cragger’s Swamp play area features playful bubbles, intermittent water spouts and interactive elements that trigger swamp water effects in a splash area that is fun for even the smallest guests!


Razar’s Bazaar
The best place for deals in The World of Chima. Shop Razar’s Bazaar for exclusive items and artifacts from this mystical world. But beware, Razar drives a hard bargain, so it pays to be a savvy shopper.