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    Everything you need to know about LEGO Friends Weekends at LEGOLAND Florida 2022

    If you enjoy adventure, don’t miss out on this! Assist Stephanie, Andrea, Olivia, Emma, and Mia in their attempt to prevent Dr. Alvah and Carter from cutting off the power to Heartlake City! You can crack the secret code and stop the villains’ evil plan by working together with your friends. There is so much that friends can do together to save the day. Get clues by exploring:

    • Interactive activities
    • Meet & Greets
    • New shopping and food

    All activities are included with regular day admission and select Annual Passes.

    LEGO Friends Weekend Dates for LEGOLAND Florida 2022

    • June 4-5
    • June 11-12
    • June 18-19
    • June 25-26

    Join fun activities with LEGO Friends!

    What better way to spend the day than with your family and friends doing exciting activities? From Stephanie’s Step-A-Thon to joining Andrea on set at Heartlake Music Studio, all while cracking the code to prevent an evil villain from shutting down the park, there’s much to do. We can hardly wait with all of this excitement!

    Heartlake City Fun

    Heartlake Stepping Tones Fountain

    While you’re here, you can make your own music by stepping on the interactive icons that surround this heart-shaped fountain, which is filled with LEGO brick instruments that play real music!

    Mia’s Riding Adventure

    Then, embark on Mia’s Riding Adventure! Mia is hosting a riding camp, and she wants you to come! Choose your horse and saddle up for a thrilling ride on the disc coaster!

    If all of this sounds like fun, go ahead and purchase LEGOLAND Florida discount tickets right away. Alternatively, you can book your resort stay at

    Will you be visiting LEGOLAND Florida? If so, we strongly advise purchasing your LEGOLAND tickets in advance to save both money and time!

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    1. Hmm i wounder why there is no Kacey and Vicky to help the main five cast because if Ethan and River can the California version of course with the five main cast to stop litter or do whatever it is then why not Vicky to be like she came back from her vacation that i’m not sure of Hawaii or Japan and Kacey because she’s one of us now like Emma said they two use be evil that’s not Emma i understand but now they’re good like they change in the tv show so why not in Florida with Emma Olivia Andrea Mia Stephenie Vicky and Kacey to stop Carter and Dr. Alvah to being as seven heroes instead of five to stop the two villains i’m just saying but if i understand however it wouldn’t be right instead of wrong to me i’m not being rude i’m just saying is all/that’s all. PS i wouldn’t mind seeing all seven of them so to speak Vicky with her meet and greet Vicky’s car race course and Kacey with her casino or arcade whatever it is meant to be as it won’t be the same with them two to me and they two get more attention as main characters instead of manner over in Florida not just the main five to and for me so to speak!

    2. It’s nice but where is Vicky and Kacey the only villains who gone good not stay evil like Dr. Alvah and Carter Green who both should come back after Vicky’s vacation from her kind or sort of one from Hawaii or Japan being tropical of that i’m not sure of and Kacey who’d promise Emma about coming back anytime cause she’s one of us now getting more attention then they do in the tv show cause if Ethan and River in California beach or whatever thing it may or might be then why not Vicey and Kacey in Florida for the code or/and lighthouse show thing it meant to be it’s silly without the other two hero characters over there or it won’t make any sense to me i’m not being mean i’m just saying is all because the more the marrier as the old saying goes you know or something like or as that it won’t be the same without Vicky and Kacey even if it means being the whole group of seven instead of five because Girls on a mission series not the original series you know of course i’m saying is all/that’s all so to speak i wounder hum huh Kacey’s fun hall casino place Vickey’s car race place characters with their meet and greets too dah that i want to see not just everything else or i’m not coming/going to Florida again or for once that’s that and final really ha because without them two it be the same California with Ethan and River but Florida Emma and Olivia and Andrea and Mia and Stephenia and Vicky and Kacey if not then i’m not happy i’m mad eh disappointed that i Nicholas David Myers know of seven heroes not five of course against the two villains it should be really ah geez/gees.


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